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The branch of medicine that deals with the provision and use of artificial devices such as splints and braces. These devices or support, especially for the foot, used to relieve or correct an orthopedic problem. Adjective of.....or relating to orthotics.

Benefits to Orthotics & Braces

Orthotic devices, also known as orthoses, are the braces or devices that help support the weakened muscles while walking. They also help slow the progress of the tightened tendons or muscles that become shorter in the long run. Plus, these devices can also enhance comfort.

Orthotic devices are worn at any time of the night or day. However, the use of a certain orthotic device depends on the type of muscles and muscular dystrophy affected. Also, with today’s advancements in Orthoses technology, there are several types of orthotic devices you should know and these include the following:


Types of Orthotic Devices & Their Best Uses


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